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2 Luxurious Weeks In Thailand Only Cost Us $1600

May 19, 2018
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First, I want to note this was around $1600 per person, this includes everything from our international flight to hotels to food. Second, you can absolutely do Thailand for cheaper. But, this was our first trip to Asia and we were sparing no expense. So many times I hear people say “I can’t afford to travel,” and I’m here to tell you, yes you certainly can afford to travel. When we traveled to Thailand the conversation rate was about 30 Thai Baht for every United States Dollar, so traveling within Thailand is cheap. It will feel like you’re spending a lot since the denominations are larger than in the US. Also, when you’re touring the temples most of them have entrance fees so it will feel like you’re constantly paying, but it’s dirt cheap. Here is a breakdown of our cost in USD:

  • Flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Bangkok (BKK) with only one layover in Bijing on Air China per person: $408 round trip

3 Nights in Bangkok

  • 3 Nights at the Holiday Inn Bangkok and the most comfortable hotel bed I have experienced: $250
  • Sky Train from the Airport to the Hotel for both of us: $5
  • Private temple tour in an air conditioned car with a guide purchased at the Bangkok Airport: $34 (for both of us!)
  • Two tickets for Golden Buddha Temple: $2.67
  • Two tickets to the Grand Palace: $33.34
  • Two tickets for Wat Pho:$6.67
  • Two tickets to Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn): $3.33
  • Two tickets on the tourist ferry boat back to our hotel: $3.33
  • Day trip to Ayutthaya, lunch on river cruise included for two: $104.40
  • Food budget in Bangkok, including our anniversary dinner: $127
  • Taxi from Holiday Inn Silom to DMK Airport: $16.67
  • Flight from DMK (Bangkok) to CNX (Chiang Mai) on Nok Air for both of us: $49.07

Total cost of Bangkok for two people: $343.81

5 Nights in Chaing Mai

  • 5 Nights at Cozytel Chaing Mai, breakfast included: $214.85
  • Evening cooking class at Baan Thai for the both of us, for four courses of food: $53.33
  • Elephant Sancturary with bamboo rafting day trip for 2, lunch included: $133.33
  • Doi Inthaton National Park Day Trip for 2, lunch included: $106.67
  • Thai massage for two: $16.67
  • Private car hire with air conditioning for Sticky Rice Waterfalls, these are about an hour away: $53.34
  • Sticky Rice Waterfall Park Entrance fee: FREE (Tip: Pack a lunch to picnic after) 
  • Food budget in Chiang Mai for 5 days for the BOTH of us: $86.20 (seriously! But breakfast was included in our hotel)
  • Transportation/taxi budget: $60

Total cost for Chaing Mai for two people: $724.39

5 Nights in Krabi

  • Flight to Krabi: $267.42
  • Five Nights at Railay Resort and Spa, breakfast included: $403.75
  • Phi Phi Islands tour for two: $102
  • Phi Phi Islands National Park fee (CASH NEEDED) for two: $26.70
  • 4 Islands tour for two: $76
  • National Park fee for two: $26.70
  • Hong Islands tour for two: $96
  • National Park fee for two:$20
  • Two tickets for flight from Krabi to Bangkok: $70
  • Food budget in Krabi and airport home: $76.06

Total cost of Krabi for two people: $1,164.06

  • Souvenir Money for entire trip between the two of us: $182

Grand Total for 2 people in Thailand for two whole weeks: $3,230.26

We lived our best lives in Thailand. We did lots of activities, ate good food, bought too many souvenirs and saw three major areas. If you divide this in half you’ll see it only cost us $1,615.13 per person for absolutely everything.

I find great prices for tours on Viator. For hotels I often use and highly recommend both sites.

Make your lunch for a month and skip that latte at Starbucks and you’ll have your travel budget in no time. If you have more questions about how much we spent or how we found deals, please comment below!

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