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3 Nights in Mykonos

November 4, 2019

Mykonos was the last island on our Greece agenda before we were going to France. We did it this way because there is a direct flight from Mykonos to Paris with EasyJet.

Day 1: Checking In and Paragka Beach

We ferried over from Naxos and as you could probably have guessed, headed straight for the beach after checking in our bags.

Our ferry boat arrived and we thought we could walk to our hotel, but good thing we looked it up because the ferries and cruise ships go to the New Port and it’s a long walk to where we were staying near the Old Port. We originally got on the wrong bus because the bus schedule confused us, but we caught the mistake before it left!

At first, we were a little disappointed in our room. We spent the most money on it and it had a view of a wall. Literally a WALL. And it was on the basement level which gave us some creepy vibes. The door was also difficult to open. But, once in the room it was an airy atmosphere. All white and tiled. So it wasn’t thaaaat bad, if only we could afford those rooms with infinity cave pools overlooking the ocean though. AMIRITE? The good thing about this hotel was it was close to the bus stop and walking distance from Mykonos town.

We took the bus to Paragka beach. There are some beach clubs there, my friend recommended Santanna’s, but it was pretty quiet when we went so we didn’t think it was worth paying for. We went to the free section of the beach and laid on towels instead.

We walked over the bay to sit by the beach there away from the club music. The water was warmer on this side for whatever reason. We had an early dinner and drinks at Nikolas Taverna. It was good, but I kicked myself later because I realized we were by a restaurant my friend recommended called Avli Tou Thodri that I would have liked to try. Oh well! We ate and watched the sun set over dinner. By the time the next bus came we got back late and called it a night since we had a sailing trip planned for the next day.

Day 2: Sailing to Delos

Our sailing trip from Mykonos started early and we were directed to meet at a hotel down the hill from where we were staying. They picked us up and shuttled us over to the sail boat we would be taking to the ancient island of Delos.

Before hitting Delos our crew took us to some spots for swimming, it didn’t make sense to me to do this as it was still early morning and windy. It wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t the kind of whether I love swimming in. Henri is a fish, so of course he was in the water. I mostly napped on the boat and enjoyed the views.

Once we arrived on Delos we got off to sightsee the archeological site. It came with a guide which was nice because she could speak to what ruins we were looking at. It was really hot on Delos, so bring water if it’s on your agenda. After walking Delos I really wanted to jump in the water, but after Delos the tour took us back.

I wish they would have planned Delos first, when it wasn’t so hot and left time for swimming after. The ride back was the most real sailing we’d had because with all the winds they were actually utilizing the sails.

After returning to the mainland we rested before heading to dinner and walking the town. We had dinner at Vergera, a restaurant the looks out over the Old Port Bay. We shared a seafood platter which was really good! It was fun to try the octopus tentacles we kept seeing, the meat was a little tough, but still good! The service at Vergera was great also, the manager who stands as a host at the front of the restaurant even remembered us by name when we walked by two nights after.

We walked the town and finally got baklava for dessert to take back while we watched Netflix.

Day 3: Windy Beach Day

We were excited to spend our last full day at the beach kayaking or getting a paddle boat. However, once we arrived we were sad to learn it was too windy to rent any type of water sport (except wind surfing)! We had saved this for the end and that was a mistake. We should have rented kayaks in Santorini or Naxos.

Despite the wind, we tried to make the best of it! After relaxing at the beach we went back to town. We ate dinner at a place called Sakis for gyros. A few locals recommended it and I didn’t need much convincing this the logo was Disney’s Hercules holding up a gyro. We couldn’t help but go on a search for real ice cream and a quick TripAdvisor search led us to a place called “I Scream.” Is there any better way to end a day in the sun?

Day 4: Instagramming our way thru the Old Town

The whining roads of the old town are just as charming as they look on Instagram. But it’s not that large of an old town like IG makes you think. You’re actually seeing a lot of the same areas being photographed again and again.

We literally spent our last half day before heading to the airport leisurely strolling thru the town and being our most basic selves. The tourist edition of being basic is wearing a panama hat and stopping every few minutes to take photos and then taking breaks to eat. But of course, as all millennials know, you take photos of the food before you eat.

We started at the windmills and made our way thru all the little alleys until it was time to go back to pick up our bags and take the bus to the airport. We arrived too early to the airport, it was really close from the town. It’s a tiny airport and they don’t let you into the terminal until an hour before your flight simply because they can’t accommodate many people in the small airport. We were already a little anxious to get to Paris at this point and didn’t want to miss our flight. But it gave us time to look thru photos!

Hopefully reading this gave you some ideas if you’re planning to go to Mykonos. If you have questions, drop a comment below!

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