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Inside my Scrapbook: 2019 Greece & France

April 5, 2020

Well here I am writing from couch at the end of week 3 of self-isolation due to COVID-19. I have to say, despite the fact that the world feels a little scary right now I’m really enjoying my time at home. I am getting work projects done that I always put on the back burner, I replanted my garden, I am walking more steps than usual, I’m reading, spending time with my family, baking, cooking, and of course scrapbooking.

If you have found yourself out of hobbies, perhaps I can convert some folks into scrapbookers? It’s a great way to take a break from screens and use all those photos you take on your phone. And make use of tickets and memorabilia you might have saved. It might be a fun projects for kids too!

For my already scrapper’s, welcome to my pages. Regardless, I hope these pages inspire you. Whether they inspire you to craft, travel (after all this), take photos in a new way, or finally splurge on that Cricut you’ve always wanted. [Yes, it’s an investment worth making if you love to craft. I am also a Cricut affiliate if you would like to purchase any Cricut projects online, please use my link!]

I used the Cricut writing tool here for the journal on the second page in the left corner. The Santorini map is from a table cover at a restaurant we went to, I said this would make cool scrapbooking paper and Henri asked the waiter if we could take it, he brought us a brand new one after dinner as a souvenir. Get creative with what you add from your travels!
Naxos | What made all these perfect circle? You guessed it, my Cricut! Make sure to use the correct setting when cutting photos with the cricut since the paper is different. I also used the writing feature again for the journal on the first page.
I love cutting photo into 3×3″ or 4×4″ photos to fit 9 photos on a 12×12″ scrapbook paper. See scrapbooking has math, a great lesson for your kids homeschooling this week.
I used my Cricut here for the Mykonos title and the writing. It was the first time I used the Cricut Design Studio app on my iPad.

Which scrapbook page from my Europe trip is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Love all of them, but Mykonos is my favorite. The blue really compliments the colors of Mykonos and the windmills are adorable.❤️

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