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New York City Scrapbook

January 7, 2019
New York City Scrapbook Pages; Mercedes Santana Passports & Papers

Every trip inspires a page or two in my scrapbooks. There’s nothing more I love then crafting on a cold winter day. Which I’ve been doing a lot of the past few weekends. Yes, it does get chilly in Southern California. I also have to shout out my best friend Abby who helped me decide on the colors and layouts of these. We often do “scrap nights.” I love having friends that share in the same hobby. And if I can inspire fellow scrappers, my goal for this blog is successful. Check out the two pages from our recent trip to NYC.

I always take a look at the photos I plan on using and see what colors are in those photos to decide what color palette my paper will be. For this yellow themed page, my photos were really gloomy. I also knew I wanted to use the black and white New York paper I’ve had since 2011 from my first trip to NYC that I never scrapbooked. So to brighten it I chose a spotted yellow and punchy red.

If you’ve read my other post on scrapbooking you know I’ve been trying to get more crafty with mixing patterns. So I used a black and white checkered paper to matte one of the photos. Fun fact: the checkered paper is actually wrapping paper from a box of See’s candy.

I used my handy Cricut machine to write out my journal and cut the paper for that journal. I love my Cricut, I use it every time I craft even if it’s just for simple letter cuts or writing.

For the Time Square/Broadway page I had another New York paper I knew I wanted to finally use. The photos have black tones and colors from the lights so I played into that.

I used this New York patterned paper as my base. For matting the photos I pulled the yellow and blue hues from the paper. Lastly, I embellished with tickets and the PlayBill to the show we saw.

What kind of crafting do you like? If you’re a fellow scrapper, I would love to see your thoughts in the comments below. Happy crafting everyone!

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