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Past Papers: Real Simple Magazine Feature Scrapbook

February 10, 2019
Real Simple Scrapbook Mercedes Santana

I have a degree in journalism and always thought I would be a magazine writer, but times have changed. I still love magazine and maybe one day I will work full-time for a publication, but now I can write when and what I want and freelance when I can. As my blog is coming up on its’ one year anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve been proud of most this year.

I was super excited when one of my all-time favorite magazines, Real Simple, said I would be published in their June edition. I had emailed in an answer to the their “Your Words” section. The question was “What’s your best gardening advice?” I love to garden and so does my golden retriever. That’s when I learned that pet-friendly plants are so important. She’s outgrown the eating plants stage, but every now and then I find her digging up a bed of flowers. So I shared my words and they were published. This was something I had to scrapbook!

Real Simple Page Materials

I subscribe to this magazine and so did one of my coworkers so I had two copies, you can subscribe via print or kindle on Amazon. I kept the cover and page, one is pinned to my desk and the other became part of this page. A flower paper, photos of me and Havana, and flower embellishments is all this page needed.

Real Simple Scrapbook Mercedes Santana

How do you keep your favorite memories? Let me know in the comments below.

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