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Washington DC Food Guide (with photos!)

July 25, 2022

I received a lot of feedback on our Maui food guide so here we are to bring you another edition. Grab a snack and see all the goodies we ate in Washington DC! I also have two international versions of this in Greece and Italy! Did you know I even have some of my favorite recipes here on Passports and Papers?! Check them out — and let me know if you try any!

My favorite items?

  1. The entire meal at Brassire Liberte
  2. Pearl’s “The Frenchie Bagel”
  3. The almond pound cake from The Wydown Coffee
  4. Our meal at Pappe, we were all so hungry we didn’t take photos of the food.
  5. Our baguette sandwich from Cafe du Solei

Here’s our full guide to Washington DC also!

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