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15 Scrapbook Pages of Thailand Memories

August 16, 2018

Our trip to Thailand was better than we expected: it was affordable, adventurous, and beautiful. We had so many stunning photos it was easy to scrapbook. Henri said it perfectly when looking at these pages, “You always appreciate a trip more once you let it sink in.” And that’s why I love to document memories into scrapbooks. If you haven’t picked up on this by now, the “papers” part of Passports and Papers refers to the scrapbooks I make after traveling (and sometimes just because.) To all my fellow scrapbooking nerds, I hope you get some inspiration. As for the rest of you, just enjoy.

 The Grand Palace in Bangkok

How was The Grand Palace? Well, grand. As you can see from the photos jews and gold gleamed from the temples. If you want to read more on Bangkok, click here.

When creating this layout I let the photos be the star of the page and cut the name from a map I saved. I took the gem stone colors as inspiration for my color palette.

The Grand Palace Scrapbook, Passports and Papers Mercedes Santana

Wat Pho

Wat Pho was our favorite temple. The reclining Buddha was so impressive in the way that it was housed. I used the tickets to title the page and my Cricut machine to cut and write the journal entry.


The ruins in Ayutthaya are a must-see if you ask me. These ground have so much history. I went with a lighter color palette here to compliment the rusted color tons of the photos.You’ll notice in one photo that a monk was handing Henri a bracelet in the photo.I attached the bracelet he gave me as an embellishment.

Chiang Mai Cooking Class

I designed this page based of the cooking theme paper I had. I had this scrap leftover from another page I did years ago. It worked perfectly here and I also wrote down the recipe for one of the dishes I made that is native to the northern region of Thailand, Khao Soi.

Elephant Day Trip

“Welcome to Jungle” is not a type, it’s a phrase one of the elephant sanctuary employees kept shouting and it stuck. The guy was a riot! You can read more about that experience in my Chiang Mai post! I found this perfect elephant paper at JoAnn’s before our trip, but I knew it would be great for highlighting this day.

Chiang Mai Temples

You may have noticed  I save a lot of stuff from trips to embellish my scrapbooks: tickets, pamphlets, maps, I even cut logos from gift bags. You’ll see the “Akha Ama” logo below, that was from an amazing coffee shop in Chiang Mai. We actually brought a bag home. And the receipts looking papers are actually are boarding passes from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, they literally were receipts and we thought that was funny. I also cut some info from a pamphlet to explain the photo of the Pagoda.

Chiang Mai Waterfalls

I don’t think I need to go on about how beautiful Thailand is. These waterfalls alone speak for themselves:

Swimming in South Thailand

Swimming in Thailand’s ocean was worth the sunburn I acquired on day 1 in the islands. I went for an “under the sea” theme here because I had these Martha Stewart stickers.

If you want to see more of our sea adventures look at this video.

4 Pages of Paradise

These tropical photos required tropical paper! Simple as that.

I also recommend you take a look on my article about our 5 days in Railay here.

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  1. I am going there in November to visit my cousin! I am soooo excited! I am only worried about the long flight from the States.

  2. I love the way you scrapbook! It really comes through that you care about more than just putting together pictures, you care about incorportating your memories into the layouts. Your trip looks like it was a dream!

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