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Passport to Orange County: Victoria Beach

September 11, 2020

You may have seen Victoria Beach on Instagram or in a bridal magazine. I had it saved in my bookmarks on Instagram for so long that we finally planned a day to visit it. Victoria Beach is in Laguna Beach, just a bit passed the downtown area. We go to Laguna often and more recently have been trying to explore different beaches. This one is nice, though parking is tricky.

We parked on PCH and walked across to Victoria Drive and down the hill into the neighborhood. There, you’ll reach steps to access Victoria Beach. If you need to drop people (and your stuff) off before and then park I would advise it, especially if you’re traveling with elderly family or children.

Walking down into the neighborhood, notice no street parking here! Those parked seemed to be permitted parking for residents.

Victoria Beach is actually larger than I expected! It’s a long stretch of sand and in my opinion Laguna has some of the best water in SoCal.

The tower on Victoria Beach looks princess-like to me, but is actually called Pirate’s Tower, here’s a little history on it. I recommend coming in the early morning or off-season if you want great photos. Or you can PhotoShop the crowd behind you out like I did in PhotoShop Express in the main photo up top.

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