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A Very Colorful Christmas

December 21, 2020

I needed to revamp my holiday decor this year and because I have a pink Christmas tree I wanted to lean into something really bright and fun. A Small World Holiday meets a toddlers dreams. I actually got a lot of my inspiration for my color scheme off a holiday mug I bought at Marshall’s that says May Your Season Be Bright. So I ran with this “Merry & Bright” theme.

I bought a colorful yarn garland, mini nutcrackers I could paint, and a whole bunch of clear plastic ornaments to paint in my custom rainbow of holiday cheer at none other than Michael’*. Have you tried there curbside pick-up? It’s excellent! *And please, don’t forget to use this link if you’re shopping Michael’s online, it helps me with my affiliate partnership with them! If you’re gonna shop there anyways, why not help a friend out at the same time?

Door Mat

I decorated a plain outdoor IKEA mat with Christmas lights. I simply download this image from the internet, click here, uploaded it to my Cricut Design Space and cut it to be a stencil. With some acrylic paint I whipped up this fun DIY in no time. And the mat from IKEA was so cheap! I definitely think I will go buy more to make for other holidays, I think this would be a fun housewarming gift also.

Door Sign

When I bought my cycle bike, it came packaged with wood to protect it. But, it seemed wasteful to me to toss these thin pieces of plywood when I knew I could make something with them even though I wasn’t sure what at the time. I kept seeing those trendy vertical door signs at HomeGoods and on Pinterest and knew the long piece I had would be perfect to make one for the holidays. I didn’t even need to cut the wood!

All I did was buy some outdoor crafters tape from my local Michael’s, thank you curbside pick-up, for the base minty-blue color. Then I used the same stencil from the mat for the bulbs. After that dried I designed the “Merry & Bright” letters with a font called “Luna” that I downloaded from

Easy DIY Decor

The easies things I made were these paint-them-yourself mini nutcrackers and my Merry Christmas Cricut banner. I actually made that last year, and it’s a free cut with my Explore machine.

Is anyone waiting for Santa to bring them a Cricut for Christmas this year? Point him in the direction of my affiliate link HERE!


Oh man, the ornaments. Where do I begin?

They started off so well! I used a bunch of fun punchy paint colors that I already had. So, I felt good about not being wasteful buying more paint that I didn’t need. And they were looking really great!

But…they took forever to get the paint to move around. I waited days for them to dry. Then, as the days passed I noticed the paint was streaking and pouring out. I tried to repair them and made peace with the fact that you can only see one side so I would just turn them so we could only see the good side.

I finally put them on my tree and hot glued them to my wreath. They looked good, couldn’t even tell one side was messed up! I would deal with fixing what I needed to later.

I was especially happy with the wreath on my door. Until the next day, they were all cracked and melted on “the good side”! So is this a Pinterest-fail? It is, for now.

I’m going to attempt to fix them after the holidays so they’re ready for next year, but we’ll see what happens. I am thinking to clean them out with nail polish remove, let them dry, and test different methods that have more adhesive for the paint to slip.

Stay tuned to see what happens, and please leave your suggestions below!

And with that, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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