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Inside My Coastal-Inspired Master Bedroom

January 15, 2021

Well we’ve been home for awhile and like everyone else my room needed some upgrades. I have always loved a well designed room, furniture shopping, and long walks down the aisles at HomeGoods. I am also the only person on the planet that still reads home and garden magazines. Am I also the only one who wanted to be Martha Stewart? Well I still kinda do — minus the committing federal crimes and going to prison part.

Like most people, I always want a “look” for my room. I had a super chic room that was grey walls, a mirrored nightstand, white fur rug, all white bedding, and orchid purple accents.

That purple room was a little too girly when I moved in with Henri so we kept my white bedding, because it’s pretty much the only way I like bedding for my room, and went for a coastal resort feel. I always go for a hotel feel because when you’re on vacation your can relax and that’s what I want my room to feel like. My room is my oasis where I can read to my hearts content, binge watch TV until the wee hours of the night and just unwind, ya know? I also take a lot of inspiration from when we travel, I loved this hotel room from our trip to Arcachon, France!

Version 1: Beach Resort Room

Havana was ready to model the new rug. She then proceeded to roll in it.

When we first moved, we were spending a lot on everything! Therefore, overtime I have been piecing our room together.

One of the first things we bought a super cool triptych art piece for above our bed, that was a cheaper version of a Gray Malin print on Etsy. I bought new mid-century modern nightstands later on, one with one drawer and one with two. I also bought this woven rug on Wayfair which Havana dives and rolls on every day around 5:30 PM. Needless to say, I have to clean it often.

Version 2: Make it yellow!

At the beginning of COVID I wanted to add some color. First, I added yellow pillows and a yellow throw blanket with my new white lighter-for-summer comforter that I found at Marshall’s. I also added a tray (thank you HomeGoods) to my side of the bed, which is great spot to hide my charger and glasses at night. On Henri’s side I found a cool rattan lamp in a fun shape at HomeGoods!

Version 3: Let’s be bold!

Then, around the fall, I went really crazy and painted an accent wall behind my bed. I really wanted to wallpaper it with a textured paper, but this is a rental, the walls are a subtle orange peel (EW— I know!), and I thought it wouldn’t be worth my time.

So I went bold and painted it. A special shoutout to my lovely brother Danny (who is still single—if you follow my Instagram stories you’ll get the joke) for helping me paint.

The blue is called Compass Blue by Behr paint. They have this really neat feature on their website where you can upload a photo of your room and test the colors virtually! Which is what I did. I probably should have gone to get some swatches and left it on the wall before committing to a color, but I didn’t. I just went into Home Depot bought a can of paint and said “if I don’t like it I can paint again!” Queue the drumroll…

Ta-dah! It’s lighter in person I think, but it’s still a dark color. It took me some getting used to. Below is what the bed looks at. *Please note the beautiful Cana Lilly plants outside the window. My mom and I propagated these last spring and they’re over 6-feet tall now! They grow so well in Southern California and happen to go great with my “look.”

The TV is just on an IKEA bookcase because it’s the starter furniture of every young couple, amirite? But they work well for now. This was in our living room at our old place. We’ll get a real dresser one day.

Another item I am proud of is that fake plant in the corner. My dad had a leftover fake plant that had a broken planter, but I hacked it with a basket, hot glue, foam, and moss. This worked really well, especially because I killed my last houseplant sadly. And I usually have a decent green thumb. This is also super lightweight which makes it so easy for me to move it when I clean.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the accent wall in blue or if I’ll try something different next time. But, that’s the fun with paints and decor it’s okay to change it up.

What do you think of the blue wall? And my room, I want to hear in the comments below!

  1. Hello Mercedes
    Nous avons voté tous les trois !
    Et nous choisissons The room 3
    Le mur bleu est très joli
    Gros bisous ainsi qu’à Havana 😘

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