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Cycle Bike 101 | Peloton Bike Alternative and a Review of the App

March 15, 2021

When COVID hit hard in Los Angeles back in March of 2020, I was really sad about not visiting local studios with my ClassPass subscription. I looked forward to trying a new pilates place or a fun T-Swift vs. Britney cycle class. Now, I was going to be stuck at home with YouTube and my mat.

Exercise really is a part of my daily routine. If I don’t do a workout, I at least walk my dog twice a day. I needed something to keep me sane, so like a lot of people I looked into the Peloton cycle bike.

And like a lot of people I said “hard pass” on the price and monthly subscription fees. I am a tried and true frugal person — maybe it’s the Capricorn in me. So I looked far and wide (online) for an alternative.

Many of my friends on social have asked about my bike. I also decided on a stationary cycle bike because it takes up less space than a treadmill or elliptical and I just like it better. I spent a lot of time reading articles about flywheels, electric, magnetic, chains, and all the other parts of at home cycling. So why waste that knowledge and time when I have this platform to share my wisdom on. Enjoy!

So first things first, here’s why I didn’t get the Peloton.

I AM POOR…JK! What got me was why is the monthly subscription $50 for a screen you can’t move, but I can pay $12.99 and have the app on my iPad, my moms iPad, and my phone. Also the price of the Peloton just isn’t for me. Not to mention, I went to two home fitness stores and both agreed that Peloton and its’ competitor, creativity named Echelon are all about the marketing.

Of course, I had to make a spreadsheet when I was looking into which bike to purchase. I do this when I travel too!

Because this is such a trendy topic there are so many great articles out there! Here are some of the articles I read and saved to share with you:

The Cycle Bike I Bought | Sunny Health and Fitness

The bike I bought is on sale again! It’s cheaper than when I bought it. It’s the Synergy Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike, SF-B1879, and I love it! I bought it directly from Sunny Health and Fitness instead of Amazon because there was a better deal once I added the coupon code and the shipping was free! So do your research before you automatically go to Amazon.

How to workout once you get your cycle bike

I used only Youtube for the first 7 months and I really like Gabriella Guevara and Kristina Girod. I also love following them on Instagram because they are inspiring and keep me motivated to get my workouts in. They offer amazing classes for FREE! And you can also do paid options, but I haven’t tried those.

I’ve also tried watching TV and cycling, talking to a friend while cycling (OMG slowest ride of my life), and just listening to tunes. I am a class girl forever and always or I will not work out the same.

The Peloton App

Recently, I have been doing the two month free trail of the Peloton app on my iPad. And I hate to admit it, but I REALLY like it. I still stand behind not buying the bike though.

BUT, as I mentioned before I am a frugal person and this year has been a bit of a financial adjustment so I feel silly wasting money on an app when there is so much free content out there. But I figured I would try the Peloton app. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do. But, I do.

It also has way more than just cycling. It has cycle bootcamps, Hamilton themed rides, JLo themed core classes, sleep meditation, yoga, and even an “outdoor” section to guide you thru your runs and walks.

I will say there are some instructors I can get behind and some that just aren’t my style. So it’s worth trying different people out. My favorites are: Hannah Corbin, I love her resistance band workouts and country themed rides, Robin Arzon to keep me motived and this fellow Cubana has fire playlists, and I love Jess Sims bike bootcamps for an exceptional workout.

Overall, the app is really great and I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not having the official bike. I can still ride with friends and get in a great workout at a fraction of the price. I also recently got a FitBit that I can’t wait to try with my bike (just waiting on a new charger since the one it came with was defective!) It has a lot to offer beyond the bike, I love the strength classes that range from barre, to pilates, to full body. There’s also great stretching, yoga, and meditation as I mentioned. So for $12.99 a month (+tax), it’s looking pretty good compared to what I paid for LA Fitness or ClassPass.

Which Peloton App class do you recommend? And feel free to ask me any bike questions in the comments below!

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